Dentistry for Children

With an emphasis on preventative care we aim to advise all our patients on the ways in which they can best protect their teeth for life.

Children should be introduced to the Dentist early so that they feel comfortable and confident when visiting. An early education about their teeth, the considerations of a healthy diet and the need for regular care should not be underestimated.

Tips to look after your child’s teeth:

  • All babies should be registered with a dentist as soon as possible and should attend regular appointments from around 6 months of age- when the first teeth start coming through.
  • As soon as they are able, young children should be encouraged to brush their teeth (with supervision) so that it becomes a regular activity and is considered a normal part of their day.
  • Regular Dental hygiene check-ups are recommended at least once a year so that the development of teeth can be checked and any plaque build-up removed. Tooth fissures (deep but very fine pits in the back teeth) are common in young children and, if necessary, fissure sealants can be quickly and comfortably applied to help seal and protect the teeth.
  • Remember to avoid food and drinks that are high in sugar. Fruit juice is acidic and squash and fizzy drinks are very high in sugars so all can damage the enamel. Milk is high in calcium and helps tooth development. Sweets and chocolates should also be consumed in moderation. Dummies and bottles can cause issues with the teeth as they come through and should be avoided after 6-12 months. Speak to your health visitor for more information or advice.
  • Over time, your dentist can monitor the development of teeth and advise on the requirement for any orthodontic work. Orthodontic treatment is most commonly used in young children and teenagers and will normally take place between 9 and 14 years of age.

At The Dental Practice we would be very pleased to help you teach the younger members of your family about the importance of their teeth and the best ways in which they can keep them healthy – ensuring that they can smile confidently today and in the future.

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